Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle? (And How To Get Them Too)

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest pets you can have. They are small hairy creatures that make good pets. It is no surprise that just by looking at them, you would like to cuddle them. Cuddling seems completely normal as long as you do it carefully so as not to hurt your pet. But do guinea pigs like to cuddle? In this article, we will tackle if guinea pigs like to cuddle and everything there is to know about guinea pigs and cuddling.

Are Guinea Pigs Cuddly?

The short answer is Yes. Because of their calm and docile nature, guinea pigs tend to be cuddlier than other small pet animals such as chinchillas or hamsters. Also, guinea pigs are social creatures, so with time, they tend to form bonds with their owner as they grow more and more comfortable with them. This is especially true if guinea pigs are given the right treatment and care. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle Humans?

The answer is that it depends. Generally speaking, guinea pigs do like to cuddle with humans once they have formed a bond with them. And this takes time and patience. Also, like humans, guinea pigs have different personalities, so one guinea pig may be more inclined to cuddle than another guinea pig. But as most guinea pig owners would say, once a guinea pig grows accustomed to you, he will become cuddlier.

How Long Should You Cuddle Your Guinea Pig?

The truth is there is no time limit to how long you can cuddle your guinea pig. You can cuddle your pet for as long as you can, but you have to keep in mind how your guinea pig feels as well. As mentioned above, guinea pigs have different temperaments, so some guinea pigs do not like to be held for a long time. 

You, as the owner, must be sensitive to how your guinea pig feels. They do enjoy cuddles, especially when they have already grown close to you, but there will also be times wherein they do not want to cuddle or when they dislike being cuddled for a long time.

Experts recommend that you should cuddle your guinea pig for 10 minutes to 15 minutes at least and about half an hour every day. Holding them for more than that is generally fine as long as it does not keep them from other important things such as eating or sleeping.

In determining whether a guinea pig enjoys being cuddled or wants to cuddle more, there are different signs that you can look out for. If you are holding or cuddling your guinea pig and then it makes a purring sound similar to what a cat does, it means that it is feeling secure and relaxed. If it sniffs your fingers or your neck, then it means that your guinea pig is comfortable to you and those gestures are a sign of affection.

Another indication that your guinea pig is happy is when it bounces up and then kicks its feet while in the air. This is known as pronking. If your guinea pig does that, it means that it is extremely happy and comfortable with its environment and you. 

When you hear your guinea pig produce a high-pitched wheek, it means it is very excited. This is also another sign that you can cuddle your pet. If your guinea pig chuts, then it is an indication that your guinea pig is enjoying its environment and is both comfortable and happy.

Do Male Or Female Guinea Pigs Cuddle More?

Does gender play a role in the cuddly behavior of your guinea pig? Yes! Generally speaking, male guinea pigs, also known as boars, have a more outgoing and sociable personality compared to female guinea pigs or sows. Because males are more sociable, they tend to be more receptive to contact, so establish a bond between boars is easier compared to establishing a bond between a sow. 

Female guinea pigs are generally more timid than male guinea pigs making them less receptive to contact and harder to create a bond with. This doesn’t mean that they do not want to cuddle. It only means that it takes more time and patience for female guinea pigs to feel safe and to establish a bond with their owners. Once they have crossed that barrier, female guinea pigs will be more welcoming to cuddles.

Despite being generally sociable and outgoing, a guinea pig’s personality also plays a vital role in how cuddly they can be. This means that not all male guinea pigs are the same and that some may take a considerable amount of time before it will be more welcoming to cuddles. Again, patience is the key here.

Regardless, whether you have a male or female guinea pig or a timid or more social guinea pig, your guinea pig gets cuddlier to you in time. Whether it be male or female, time, patience, and intensive care is the key to making your guinea pig more receptive to cuddles.

When Is The Best Time To Cuddle A Guinea Pig?

If you have only recently gotten your guinea pig, you should assume that it does not trust you enough yet and may not react well to physical contact. With time, however, it will grow more and more accustomed to your existence and will eventually open up to you. This is the best time to cuddle your guinea pig. 

Apart from that, cuddles should be done in increasing increments. For example, in the first few days, you can cuddle it in about 3-5 mins. After a week or so, you may cuddle it for ten or more minutes and so on.

Cuddling time must not interfere with other important activities for your guinea pig, such as eating and sleeping. As an owner, you must be sensitive to your guinea pig’s schedule, such as bowel movements, eating, and sleeping times. It is when you truly know and understand your pet can you have more quality time and cuddles.

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How Can You Get A Guinea Pig To Cuddle More?

There is no easy and quick fix to this. You need time, patience, and intensive care, and affection towards your pet. According to some experts, this is the hardest part of raising guinea pigs. It is no surprise that first-time guinea pig owners get overly excited about their new pet; hence they shower it with attention, and they like to pet and play with it a lot. 

However, too much attention is not good. First, you have to make your guinea pig feel at ease. You have to let him get comfortable with the new environment and you as the owner. This means that you have to be extra sensitive when trying to engage in physical contact with it. 

Controlling yourself and restraining yourself to give too much attention to your guinea pig is vital to prevent overstressing your guinea pig. If your pet is overly stressed, it becomes prone to illnesses and injuries. In the first few days when you first got your guinea pig, talk to your pet and keep physical contact to a minimum. Gradually increase physical contact as your guinea pig begins to know you more and more each day.

Once your guinea pig is fully comfortable to you and your household, you should be able to cuddle with it anytime you want. Aim to reach at least 30 minutes of cuddle time with your guinea pig. Once you’ve reached that goal, it means that your pet has grown fully accustomed to you and that it is enjoying your cuddles just as much as you do. To accomplish this, you have to go slowly.

It is also important that you know how to handle your pet properly. Guinea pigs are small and fragile creatures, so it is very easy to injure them with improper handling. If you want them to grow fond and cuddle with you more, you have to know how to handle them. The right way to handle a guinea pig is to grasp it by its shoulders and then use your free hand to support her back.

When you start to lift the guinea pig, put one hand beneath it so that you can support it and have your other hand over its shoulders to prevent your pet from jumping. If you feel that your guinea pig is nervous, there is a useful type of hold that you can use. Hold your guinea pig’s body from underneath, placing your hand just behind its front legs.

Your index finger must be placed between your pet’s front legs. This way, you can press your index finger against your pet’s chest to prevent him from pushing forward. You can also form a scissor grip by holding one of your pet’s front feet between your index finger and middle finger. This way, you can be sure that your pet cannot suddenly move forward or jump and then fall and injure itself.

With proper handling, your pet will feel safe and secure. In time, your guinea pig will trust you to the fullest and will grow fond of you in no time. Another way to make your guinea pig grow fond of you faster and thus cuddle with you more is by giving them toys to play with and treats. If you have a closed space that you can fill with toys such as ramps and balls, your guinea pig will adjust to your household in no time.

Giving it treats also helps but be careful in giving the right amount and the right kind as you do not want any complications such as overeating that could lead to obesity. Overall, patience and care are all you need for your guinea pig to grow fond of you and thus cuddle with you more. Even humans have adjustment periods when in a new environment. So do guinea pigs.

How Can You Tell When A Guinea Pig Doesn’t Want To Cuddle?

Guinea pigs go to adjustment periods just as humans when faced with a new stimulus. As a guinea pig owner, you should be observant of the personality and character of your guinea pig. If you notice a decline in energy or a change in activities, it may be stressed due to overstimulation, such as too many cuddles even when it is not fond of you yet.

If you try to cuddle with your guinea pig and then it makes a chattering sound with its teeth, it means that it is annoyed or irritated. This is usually the case with newly bought guinea pigs. It means that they are not accustomed to their owners yet. If you try to hold or cuddle your guinea pig and then it makes a teeth-chattering sound, then it means that you are too early in cuddling him. Settle him down first and go with gentle strokes until your pet grows fond of you.

If your pet makes a growling sound, it means that it feels threatened or scared. In these cases, you need to give it space and approach it carefully. You have to be very patient not to frighten it or startle it.

If you try to hold your guinea pig or cuddle it, and then it does a shriek, it indicates that it feels pain. It is vital that you determine the cause because it is possible that your pet may be injured unbeknownst to you, and the pain was triggered when you touched your pet.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Held?

Yes. Guinea pigs love to be held and to be cuddled. They may be shy creatures, but when they have adjusted to their environment and grown fond of the owner, guinea pigs like to be cuddled and held. Just take note that there is a limit to this.

So when they start to nibble away or try to get away, it may be because of the need to do something else like eat, sleep or eliminate waste. Although they like to cuddle, guinea pigs differ from one another in terms of personality, so there are guinea pigs who like to cuddle more compared to other guinea pigs, and there are also some that like to be held and cuddled minimally. As a pet owner, you should keep this in mind. 

How Long Should I Cuddle My Guinea Pig?

On average, you should cuddle your guinea pig at least 10-15 minutes at a time and at least 30 minutes every day. However, this only applies to guinea pigs who have been in your care for quite some time or for those pets who have grown fully comfortable to you.

For newly bought guinea pigs, start by caressing until he feels comfortable and gradually increases physical contact as its comfort towards you increases. Personality plays a vital role here, so keep in mind that some guinea pigs get attached to you quickly while some take some time before it eventually opens up.


Do Hairless Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle?

The short answer is yes. Hairless guinea pigs, also known as skinny pigs, are much like normal guinea pigs. They also like physical contact once they are comfortable with you and the environment. They also have different personalities as normal guinea pigs. With time, patience, and the right care, hairless guinea pigs like to cuddle with their owners as well.

Do Baby Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle?

Yes, but it is complicated. Technically speaking, newborn guinea pigs can be held just like a human baby is being passed around by different people after birth. However, since baby guinea pigs are extremely small, they are also very fragile. It is recommended that should you decide to hold them or cuddle with them, you do so with utmost care.


Guinea pigs are cuddly creatures, and they do like to be held, to cuddle, and be cuddled.

Guinea pigs like to cuddle human beings once they are comfortable with them. This takes time.

On average, you should hold your guinea pig 10-15 minutes at a time and at least 3 minutes every day.

Male guinea pigs are more outgoing and sociable compared to female guinea pigs, so in general, they are more receptive to physical contact. With time, however, both male and female guinea pigs would enjoy cuddles. Guinea pigs should be cuddled only when you are sure they are comfortable with you. Cuddling should also not interfere with other important stuff that a guinea pig needs to do, such as eating.

Guinea pigs also have different personalities, so one guinea pig may be more inclined to cuddle compared to another guinea pig. Other guinea pigs may also want physical contact to a kept minimum. Love, proper care, and patience are all it takes for a guinea pig to open up to you and cuddle more. Guinea pigs give off signs when they are scared, annoyed, or unhappy. As an owner, you should be sensitive to this.

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