Do Guinea Pigs Hibernate? (Why Hibernation Is Dangerous!)

Do Guinea Pigs Hibernate_ (Why Hibernation Is Dangerous!)

If you have guinea pigs at home, it is understandable that you worry about them, especially during the cold winter months. You probably asked Google something along the lines of “do guinea pigs hibernate?” or “how to keep guinea pigs warm?”. In this extensive guide, the most common questions asked by guinea pig owners will … Read more

Do Guinea Pig Sleep? (A Comprehensive Guide On What To Know)

Do Guinea Pig Sleep_ (A Comprehensive Guide On What To Know)

Do you have a pet guinea pig at home? If you do, then you have probably noticed some interesting things about it, especially regarding its behavior towards sleep. Just like any other cavy parent, you have most likely wondered “Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?” Also known as cavies, guinea pigs are small and friendly animals that … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Bathe Themselves? (And Other Hygiene Questions!)

Do Guinea Pigs Bathe Themselves_ (And Other Hygiene Questions!)

If you’re new to keeping guinea pigs, then you may be wondering whether they bathe themselves. After all, how can it be that some guinea pigs clean themselves while others don’t! In this article, not only will you find out whether guinea pigs bathe themselves, you’ll also learn what can affect a guinea pigs cleanliness, … Read more