Why Does Your Guinea Pig Pee On You? (Is It Good Or Bad?)

Responsive, entertaining, and playful are just a few of the traits that make Guinea pigs loveable as pets. Not only are they more manageable than other rodents, but that they are also more affectionate towards their owners. Then again, the significant number of positive attributes cannot guarantee a smooth-sailing experience as a pet owner. That said, many new owners are beginning to sense a pattern of behavior that they cannot fully comprehend.

One question that most owners ask is “why does my guinea pig pee on me?”, as they wonder if this is just out of habit, if it is indicative of a disorder, or if it is proof of your pet’s discomfort. Today, we will dive deeper into this topic.

Why Does Your Guinea Pig Pee On You?

This can be an issue if your guinea pig is not litter-trained. Yet, there may be instances when your pet just can’t help but pee on you, or they decide to go to you just to pee. There may be times when they pee on your hands, or even when they are just laying on your lap. With that, we can boil down this occurrence to a few key reasons:

Nervousness or Agitation

There may be times when your guinea pig is experiencing a new environment that they are not mentally prepared for. So, they may pee because they feel threatened or panicked. This disposition may also depend on the personality of your pet. This negative reaction can also be due to the presence of a new animal, or there is a new guinea pig in the pen. It is natural for animals to immediately establish a pecking order upon the initial encounter, as would humans. So, one way to help them become more comfortable is to facilitate the introduction mildly.

Physical Discomfort

These pets won’t be able to hold pee in for very long. So, if you’re holding them uncomfortably, or pressing on them, it may cause them to pee uncontrollably. They will also pee whenever they are threatened, so take a close note of these reactions, and help your pets by making their environment more comfortable.

Creatures of Habit

Like most pets, guinea pigs will tend to pee wherever and whenever they want. This can be a form of endearment or a way to mark their territory. They may also pee on you if the manner you hold them causes them discomfort, or that they don’t want to be held at that moment at all. With that, you should place your pets somewhere comfortable beside you, or you allow them to move around and decide where to pee. We also recommend that you immediately clean and disinfect these areas to stop the spread of bacteria.

How Do You Potty or Litter Train a Guinea Pig?

As much as we want it, there is no sure way to curb this behavior. Potty training may also require a lot of conscious effort on your end, and this may yield minimal results. Guinea pigs will tend to pee on similar areas out of habit and because of an existing smell, which makes it difficult to get them to stop. So, we devised a few tips that may work for you:

Help Them Feel Safe

Peeing where they’re “safe” is also a way to avoid lurking predators while vulnerable, as in an act of survival. It could be that your pet has a growing distrust of its environment. You can help make it feel more relaxed by establishing certain areas as “safe zones”.

Another way to make them feel safe is to hold them properly. Sometimes, guinea pigs will pee on you as a way to let you know that there is discomfort in how they are handled. Since they are aware that you care for them, they will not resort to violence whenever they feel uncomfortable. Still, you have to be careful.

Reward Good Behavior

Giving your guinea pig a treat whenever they opt to pee on their little box may be helpful. Although they may just interpret it as a random act, do it enough and they will get the hint that peeing on their litter box will get them something nice. You can give them treats whenever you see them go to their litter box just to pee, so they are aware that the act is acknowledged as “good”.

Do Damage Control

At the end of the day, your pet is an animal, and its need to urinate will supersede any pre-established rules. Since these animals will tend to pee or poop on you almost out of impulse, it is for the best that you mitigate the harmful consequences.

So, take it upon yourself to follow through with cleaning areas and protecting your clothing from pee stains and bacteria. If the peeing proves to be frequent, then hold your pet with a towel in preparation. It also helps that you wear clothing you don’t mind getting stained.

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Is Guinea Pig Urine Harmful to Humans?

Any animal’s substances and solids excreted are harmful since they are full of bacteria that can cause infections and make the infected sick. One condition is Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, a disease that can be transmitted from the pee and poop of any domestic rodents. It can even lead to the inflammation of your brain and the meninges. Other illnesses you can acquire due to contact with rodent pee include leptospirosis, salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia.

With that, you must clean up the areas of defecation and urination immediately. You should always properly bandage your wounds to avoid them from being in direct contact with any bacteria from animal excretions.

Is It True That Guinea Pigs Pee When Scared?

This is partly true, but may not always be the case. Guinea pigs peeing doesn’t always mean they are scared of something. These animals pee almost every 15 minutes. Then again, they may recoil and pee as an indication that they are threatened. If your guinea pig runs to you when scared and starts peeing on you, this is indicative that they consider you a sanctuary. This may also occur while you are holding them and they encounter something that causes them to panic or feels threatened.

Then again, your guinea pigs may also pee on you whenever they are handled improperly. It could also be that your guinea pig just doesn’t want to be held, and that’s one way they make that fact known. Whenever this happens, it is best that you gently lay them on their litter box before cleaning up the mess. If you resort to panic and you start to scold your pet, they may no longer feel as safe with you as they used to.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Poop On Me?

This just maybe something that guinea pigs do all the time. Then again, it could be because your pets established you as a safe place. Pooping makes an animal feel vulnerable, and sometimes they just want to be safe while they do their business. This is quite similar to the act of peeing, and that your guinea pigs may not be able to contain it if they are being handled improperly.

With that, take note of the warning signs showing that your guinea pig is looking for a place to poop in. Once you are sure of the early indications, you can then pick them up and put them in their litter box. This is also one way to litter train your guinea pigs.

Why Is It That A Guinea Pig Will Pee On Another?

Guinea pigs do pee on each other, but it’s for a whole different reason. Domestic rodents will typically pee on each other as a way to mark their territory or establish their dominance. With that, pecking orders are established as soon as you introduce new guinea pigs to each other in the same pen. This is commonly seen in male guinea pigs, who will fight at the sight or smell of a female guinea pig. This behavior may take up to two or three days, but afterward, they will stop fighting or peeing on each other.


In conclusion, your guinea pigs will pee on you both as an act of survival, or as an endearment since they consider you a safe presence in the home. Another thing to consider is the guinea pig’s discomfort, since they may also pee on their person as a way to let their owners aware of the improper way of handling. We have established that while this behavior cannot be curbed entirely, you can always try incorporating a reward system in your daily life or just do damage control.

It is also important that you limit direct contact to their poop or pee since they can lead to viral infections and diseases. Moreover, your guinea pigs may pee and fight with other guinea pigs in the pen as a way to create a hierarchy, but this will eventually subside in a few days.

So, in conclusion, this action is quite natural for guinea pigs to do, and is not a subject for concern.


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